Server Management and Administration in one place,
We make managing your servers less time consuming.

Tired of having to use multiple solutions for managing your servers and your players?
We have put everything into one place, for you to save time.

What is Hawthorne?

Hawthorne is a modern solution to game server management as well as to server administration. We have put everything under the same roof so you don't have to use multiple solutions for when you need to update a server or ban a player. The panel is built to operate mainly for Source games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, L4D2 and more. We are looking to expand to more games as well.

By installing the panel you will be able to get a full overview with statistics and graphic data over your servers and players. Monitor resource usage, perform basic maintenance, install add-ons and plugins and much more. If nasty players are violating your rules and conditions, you can easily punish them by limiting their access to communicate with other players; voice, text chat and entire account bans – for any time given. See the overview below.

Installing the open source version of Hawthorne is completely free.

Why Hawthorne

Finding the right panel for your community/organisation can be a difficult task – with Hawthorne you don't have to look anymore; we provide everything you need now, in the future and a little bit more. Hawthorne is built to provide you with the essential tools to manage your servers.


Our new user interface is currently under constructions. Previews are coming soon.


We can provide you with cheap hosting plans in case you don't have the option to host it yourself. All plans comes with a free 14 day trial.

In need of help? Have any further questions you'd like to ask us? Reach out to us in our Discord server!


Our current goal is to get Hawthorne out of beta, this roadmap is the official strategy for achieving that.
You can see what has already been achieved and what is going to be achieved in the near future; each point represents a version of Hawthorne.
0.8: Mute/Gag

The muting and gagging features for the SourceMod plugin was implemented in this version, as well as various API triggers for the panel.

0.8.3: External System Importer

In this version we introduced the option to import and convert databases from external systems such as SourceBans and BoomPanel.

0.9: New Interface

The long awaited new user interface that will change how you see on Hawthorne will be released in this version. It will not yet be stable, so it will still get updates. System messages will also be available from this update and onward – notifying you about current server outages and issues.

0.11: Player Warnings

In this version we will be introducing the player warning system – your admins can choose to apply warning points to players when they violate rules and keep track of how many points they already have. Also completely configurable, the system will also take automatic actions against players when a threshold is met.

0.12: Webhooks

In version 0.12 you will be able to extend the very core of Hawthorne by creating plugins using the complex webhook system. We will also be introducing the option for anyone to report players through the in-game plugin in this version.

0.13: Player Rankings

This version brings the big player rankings update – you will be able to keep track of certain statistics and playtime of players such as kills, deaths, assists and other useful data. Leaderboards to compare with other players will also be available.

0.14: Discord Integration

Discord integration is introduced in this version.